At FermoyGarage, we are battery experts and have the latest diagnostic and battery checking equipment to make sure that your battery, alternator and starter are in the best condition.

Free Battery, Starter & Alternator Test
Get your free printed reported from a Calibrated battery testing machine. Find out more about our Battery, Starter & Alternator Testing service by contacting us.

car, battery, replace, image, photo, wallpaper

car, battery, replace, image, photo, wallpaper

Uprated power demands?
Running in car entertainment? Need a bigger battery, maybe a second battery or larger alternator? FermoyGarage electricians can help.

Battery Care: The Correct Way
Had a battery fail recently? Did you know that in 90% of cases the life of your battery could have been extended with some very simple, low cost maintenance?

If you need a new battery or want to book in a free battery test, contact us.