Immobilizer Repairs / Bypass

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Immobilizer Problems and Symptoms

Immobilizer problems can be a result of various issues such as key fobs losing their coding or key fobs with lost chips (a common side effect of a battery change or a child getting hold of your keys!). 

Alternatively, it may be damaged or corroded wiring, water damaged ECU, a faulty engine ECU and/or immobilizer ECU, etc.

Fortunately, at FermoyGarage, we have the expertise to find and repair all manner of immobilizer problems!

Immobiliser Repairs in Fermoy Garage

The immobilizer process is different for different manufacturers, for example, a VW will start but then cut out, whereas a Ford will crank over but not start.

 Generally speaking with most cars if the immobilizer light stays on rather than going off when you turn the key, the immobilizer has kicked in.

If your car won’t start and you have a breakdown cover

just ask for the vehicle to be recovered to our workshop. If you don’t have a breakdown cover, we can organize local towing, give Us a Call.