FermoyGarage & TorqueFactory


FermoyGarage & TorqueFactory offer engine remapping, the modern version of chipping which is the correct way to safely tune a modern diesel engine and is not a so called ‘tuning box’. With our ECU remapping you get smooth and progressive power, with improved response, that can be tailored to your requirements.

ECU Remapping - tunning

FermoyGarage & TorqueFactory Tuning are able to offer tuning services either at one of our outlets or at your location with our mobile tech team, who are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment as well as a wide range of tuning hardware. Whilst we normally book 1-2 days in advance for mobile and 1 day for our outlets it depends when you book in as we can often get customers in earlier.


Who Are FermoyGarage & TorqueFactory ?

Providing professional automotive since 12. Jun 2011, we specialise in all elements of engine performance upgrades. Whether you want to ‘chip your car’ (an ECU remap/’chip tuning) or are looking for a brakes upgrade or a sports air filter, FermoyGarage & TorqueFactory Tuning have years of experience. ECU remaps, chip tuning and other performance upgrades are our speciality.

What you can expect after ECU REMAPPING?

More Power & Torque 35%
Improved Acceleration – Safer Overtaking 40%
Smoother driving experience 55%
Better Fuel Economy 15%
Lower your carbon footprint 20%



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