Retrofit Coding

At Fermoy Garage we have experience in module coding and working with the Autologic Optical Interface (OPS Diagnostic Head).

BMW Retrofit Coding - Fermoy Garage

Autologic Optical Interface

The Autologic Optical Interface has been designed to program the CCC-A control units on a BMW.

Connecting directly to the fiber optic MOST bus, the Autologic Optical Interface is able to communicate with CCC-A, CCC-BO, CCC-ASK, CCC-ANT, ULF TCU, and MASK ECUs. The Autologic Optical Interface significantly reduces the time to program these control units and further increases the reliability and recoverability of flash updating these control units.

Programming Power Stabilization

Intelligent battery charging systems are very important given the technology of BMWs. We use the Fronius ACCTIVA Series with Active Inverter technology, the only all-round charger which Autologic recommends.

Immobiliser Repairs in Fermoy Garage

BMW Dealer-Level Module Updates


  • Individual Module Updates, including Engine ECU, TCU/ULF/mULF and iDrive
  • MKIV, CCC & iDrive OS updates