Have you got a driveability problem

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with your car that nobody else has been able to fix? Are you horrified at the thought of paying main dealer prices?

Maybe you are even at the point where you are thinking about changing your car because of a running problem but know you’ll get half its value because of it.

Imagine a Garage that

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  • wants to know your name

  • delivers a professional experience

  • employs the staff of the highest caliber

  • takes the time to discuss the problem you’re having with your vehicle

  • talks to you in a manner you can understand

  • and above all else, treats you with respect without being condescending.

Clients choose Us because we provide a very different experience to what you might consider the garage norm. Our aim is to deliver a competitive dealer alternative: no half-truths just the simple honest facts.

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also offer

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Servicing, NCT Pre Check

Choose FermoyGarage.com service for your car service needs, we will look after you and your car.

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ECU Remapping


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Key Programming

Smart key programming is now available for the following models

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Our customers usually need service with :

when you do not find your car brand below that does not mean we can’t repair yours